Training in your company is generally occurring on a daily & weekly basis. Whether you've been using your ERP Software for manufacturing for a long time, or you are in the process of just implementation, your employees gain more efficiency in the conduct of their job with proper training.

Since training takes time, and time is money, maximizing the effects of reliable training is to your company's benefit. Many times, I've introduced an aspect, function, or tool, that exists in your ERP software, that users have been using for a long time, and they come to a realization of "oh, I didn't know you can do that!" or "I've been looking how to do that!"

I can assist you with training at your facility, on your system, with your personnel in their job functions. Read more at Onsite Training.

Remote assistance is great when you need to figure out how to make something work, or correct a transactions, or initiate another module or just perform a software upgrade. Read more at Remote Training.

Then there is the self teaching that can occur, just by taking a 5 minute break and watching a video tutorial, that helps you in realizing the correct sequence of steps in producing the correct outcome, or getting new ways to perform the same task. Read more at Video Tutorials

I will be glad to discuss your options and schedule any training for your company. Please call me or send me an email with your contact information and best time to contact you to discuss your training options.

1. Please call 888-710-0007 or 760-832-2536
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